The island life

As the third biggest island in Greece, Lesvos is often considered a “tiny continent”, a truly hidden gem of the Aegean. Its remote location offers a unique authentic experience of Greek culture and hospitality.

Mitilini, the island’s capital, is located on the southeastern coast, with more than one thrid of the island’s population, while hosting six departments of the University of the Aegean. More than 83 thousand people live permanently on the island, working mainly on the primary sector of agriculture, such as olive oil production, caseiculture and stockraising.

A few decades ago, being in your early 20’s and pursuing a career in tech or business would mean one had to leave Lesvos. Today, more and more people who grew up in Lesvos (or not!) and have been leaving abroad, are coming back as remote workers or digital nomads, looking for a better quality of life.

POV: Living in Lesvos

Walking up to this view

My daily commute: 10min walk among remarkable neoclassical mansions

Fresh & affordable veggies from the local farmers

Starting my swims in April!

The dancing festivals!

There is always somewhere new to discover on this island!

The expat community is surprisingly large and multinational.

My pottery classes with local ceramists.

The change of scenery and landscapes.

My evening bike rides behind the castle

Starting my day with yoga class without rushing!

Discovering new hiking trails every weekend.

Cost of living in Lesvos

  • Flat rent in Mitilini (all expenses incl.) starts at 400€/month
  • Daily stays start at 25€/night  p.p.
  • Coffee to go/ to stay: 2/ 3.5€
  • Beer: 4€
  • Souvlaki/ Street food: 3,50€
  • Brunch: 6-10€
  • Cocktails & Spirits: 6-8€ 
  • Tavernas and local restaurants: 10-16€ p.p.
  • Water (500ml bottle): 0,50€
  • Fuel prices: starts from 1,82 €/l

Flat rent

In Mitilini, starts at
400 Monthly
  • (all expenses included)

Daily stays

starts at
25 / night
  • per person


2 to go
  • 3.5 € to stay


starts at
  • bottle or glass


starts at

  • or other street food


starts at
  • per person


& Spirits
  • per person


and local restaurants
10 - 16 €
  • per person


  • 500 ml bottle

Fuel prices

starts at
  • fuel prices change daily

Discover Lesvos

Whether you are into slow living, wellness tourism or history, Lesvos is a mosaic of breathtaking landscapes, gastronomic experiences, and cultural heritage treasures. Thanks to its location and geology, Lesvos has historically been independent of the tourism industry, hence you can build a life full of activities and new experiences all year long.